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Kellen and Chris came to us to help finalize all the details of their St. Cloud Marina wedding when things began to get a tad bit overwhelming! We have never been there and are thrilled to help make their day go off without a hitch!  Below is a short blurb on how they met and when they knew each was THE ONE!!
  • Q. How did the two of you meet?
  • A. We met on! When I was travel nursing, I decided to join after meeting so many nurses that swore by it. I made a decision that in 2013, I would actually make an effort to meet Mr. Right. About 2 weeks into it, I moved to Orlando to live near my niece and nephew and was expecting to live here for a year, no more. Well…2 weeks after I moved here, I met Chris. I had only been on a date with one other person from match and it was a total nightmare. That story from my bad date still has us laughing.
  • I winked at Chris and he wrote me an email back and we have been together since.
  • Q. What did you do on your first date?
    A. Kellen: Chris was living in St. Pete at the time and I was in Orlando. I was working night shift and we always talked on my way home from work and his way into work. We had been trying to pick a weekend to meet and if it wasn’t soon, it would have to wait for a few weeks. We both felt a strong connection but since I had that other bad date, I really wanted to meet and ensure it really was the real deal (And that he wasn’t crazy or a catfish). We decided to meet halfway in Lakeland at a driving range that Chris chose. It was pouring rain the whole drive for each of us but cleared up towards the time we met. We started hitting some balls and talking and about 10 minutes into it, it started drizzling, we kept playing, then it rained harder, kept playing…we finally realized this was not going to work so we ran for cover to make up a new plan. We drove to a restaurant down the street and had dinner. During dinner Chris started planning date #2. Little did he know, it was my absolute dream date…Disney! We had such a good time together but we both had a long drive home, we did not want it to end so we went to Starbucks and had a little coffee then parted ways. I immediately called Julie, one of my bridesmaids, and said… just mark my words in 6 months, a week, a year, whenever…but this is THE ONE! I am not the head over heels type of girl by any means so I had to tell at least someone that I knew right then.Chris: I knew too…
  • Q. What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?
    A. Kellen: Chris and his cacophony of ‘Man Noises’ is something special. I am very sensitive to random noises so this is a difficult one for me. It definitely keeps me laughing and occasionally complaining. For a little sample click here.  Chris: See above…while the link to the video is hilarious, Kellen’s sensitivity to “Man Noises” definitely make it difficult. Attempting to eat an orange within 10 miles of her will quickly bring about the “death look”. I will routinely hear “BABE…(intense stare)…you’re breathing too loud!” If I could continue on without breathing I would absolutely do it, one less thing to do every day. However, this quack of a doctor told me once I had to keep doing it or else my brain would turn off. Ipso facto, I will have to keep making certain “noises” while trying to keep the relationship peace.Kellen: Let me add when Chris says Itso Facto….yeah. 🙂
  • Q. What is the best quality about your partner
    A. Kellen: Chris is so amazingly patient. He has this incredible ability to have a great attitude despite the situation. He does not let things affect him like I do. It really balances us out. He always keeps things light and makes me laugh.Chris: Kellen is probably the most compassionate and caring person. It lends itself to her profession as nurse. It makes her easy to talk to, not only for me but everyone that meets her.
  • Q. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    A. (Chris points to Kellen) Kellen does. We both share responsibility and make decisions together but lets face it….its Kellen.
  • Q. Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!
    A. Kellen: I knew this was something serious and long term when we were on our first date. But we both will say we probably fell in love and were official on our second date at Disney. We both decided to commit to buying yearly passes to Disney for that date, which was a big step. I mean we could use them even if things did work, but we were fairly confident. That whole day was amazing. Chris was a total gentleman. It really was perfect. We asked this photographer to take our picture with my cell phone and he kind of asked us to pose with Chris kissing my hand. It turned out to be the most amazing picture. See photo below! When I got home and saw family the next day, they commented on our pictures from that day and every one of them made the same remarks. HOLY SHIT, you LOVE this guy! My brother asked when the wedding was. My Dad said, I have never seen you like this. It was so obvious.Chris: I think I probably realized after that Disney date too. Driving back from Orlando, thinking back on the weekend, it hit me. It was further reinforced after she met my brother. 30 minutes after that happened he came to me just to say “don’t screw it up”. Thanks Ben.
  • Q. Tell us about the proposal!!
    A. Chris: For weeks I was trying to put together some elaborate proposal event that would have included family and friends. It just wasn’t coming together and finally decided on a random Tuesday, I’m doing it tomorrow! She had the night off and we decided around lunch time to have a last minute Disney date. We both could sense this date was rather special even if I was nervous as hell. I had just the ring in my pocket just as we had taken a spot on Mainstreet USA in the Magic Kingdom before the fireworks began. Just as the show got started, we were hold hands looking at the spectacle. I took the ring out of my pocket and slipped it around my back, into the hand I was hold hers with. I pressed the ring in her hand, she then turned to me with a bit of an odd stare. I waited for it to hit her. Just as the expression on her face was changing and she started to mouth “is this..”, I got down on one knee. Then fireworks.Kellen: For some reason I was so excited about our date. I was hoping he would propose but I put the idea out of my head. I did not want to let a fantasy or expectations ruin our night. It took me by total surprise and was so romantic. I used to think Disney things were cheezy but I cannot tell you how perfect and exciting it felt to be proposed to in front of so many people, but I didn’t even notice another soul. It was amazing.
  • Q. How does your wedding reflect your personal style?
    A. We wanted to have a formal Mass which really highlights how traditional we are when it comes to the idea of Marriage. We both felt so strongly about this and are so excited to exchange our vows in the presence of a priest as well as our closest friends and family. We chose the Marina because Kellen is from Miami and has a close connection to the water and boats. The reception is going to be fun and energetic and will have amazing food, which we both love. Lots of food, drinks, and dancing. We love to have fun so our reception should lend itself to that. The colors are elegant but have a pop of color, which surprisingly Chris loved.
  • Q. Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.
    A. Elegant, AMAZING, Par-tay!
  • Q. What are your plans for your honeymoon?
    A. We will be spending 7 full nights of relaxation in Jamaica at the Sandals Grande Riviera. We are going all out and have a beautiful private villa with a Butler. We are so excited!!!
    We are so excited to help this amazing couple celebrate their St. Could Marina wedding and looking forward to working with a great team including Mary at Puff N Stuff Catering, Al Dee Productions, and Chris Glenn Photography!
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