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We are so excited for Christine and TC who are getting married at the always beautiful Ballroom at Church Street.   This couple has a beautiful story and we are thrilled to be a part of it!  Read on to hear their super cute love story!

  • Q. How did the two of you meet?
    A. I was going through a really difficult time in my life and I found TC’s online inspirational weight-loss blog. I instantly felt a connection and read it every day, his words uplifting me and even encouraging me to go on a week-long healing trip to New York. After about a month and a half, I finally contacted him and let him know that he had been helping me without even knowing it and, over the span of a few conversations, we found out that we lived only ten minutes away from each other! We decided to get dinner together and when we met, it was like we had known each other all our lives 🙂
  • Q. What did you do on your first date?
    A. We went to Bistro Europa for dinner, then sat in my car and listened to some of our favorite 90s music, then went to see a movie. I fell asleep during the movie (typical) and drooled on his shoulder. I was embarrassed but he thought it was adorable.
  • Q. What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?
    A. He’s a cover hog! I wake up every morning cold because he wraps himself up like a taco every night.
  • Q. What is the best quality about your partner
    A. There are a million qualities that I adore about TC, but his best is his incredible loyalty and friendship. We always have fun together and I always feel like the most important person in his world. He’s also incredibly loyal to his family and friends and works hard to make sure everyone in his life knows how special they are.
  • Q. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    A. We take turns “wearing the pants.” He’s more relaxed and I’m more type A, but there are times when I sit back and let him boss me around too… we are equals!
  • Q. Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!
    A. I felt it as a possibility when reading the words of his blog, but it truly solidified for me that first week of our meeting. He said he knew after our second date (frozen yogurt at Menchies paired with serious life talk.)
  • Q. Tell us about the proposal!!
    A. Fourth of July has always been a special holiday for us because we love to travel over the summer and enjoy the celebration. TC took me to Disney and we spent the day having fun on the rides and seeing shows, then that night, he told me to pack a bag for a few days. We dropped our bags off at a nice hotel, then he took me to a lake and surprised me with a picnic blanket, some cheese and crackers, and wine. We watched the fireworks all snuggled up and at some point in the middle of the beauty in the sky, he got on one knee, told me I was the woman he had always dreamed of, and proposed. Of course I said yes!
  • Q. How does your wedding reflect your personal style?
    A. We are very unique and eager to share in a special day with our friends and family. It’s important to us that the ceremony and the party afterwards are not filled with traditions just for traditions’ sake; we want everything we do to mean something to us. It’s a vintage-style wedding because we are old souls.
  • Q. Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.
    A. Unique, vintage Just like the ballroom at Church Street
  • Q. What are your plans for your honeymoon?
    A. We are spending two weeks in Jamaica. The first few days will be at an all-inclusive resort, but then we are renting a car and traveling all over, spending a few days each in some absolutely breathtaking places! We will be hiking, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, skydiving, and eating lots of wonderful Jamaican food!
    The fabulous team that will be pulling this event together consists of Puff N Stuff Catering, DJD Entertainement, Kissimmee Florist, Riant Films, Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, Etzanel Placeres, and Absolute Love Photography!   We look forward to celebrating with them this summer and cannot wait to see how their beautiful ballroom at Church Street wedding turns out!
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