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Hello again!  Here is a blurb for an upcoming Ballroom at Churchstreet wedding!  Nothing makes the heart feel warmer than a good love story.  Read on for Melissa and Freddy’s!

1.)  How did the two of you meet?

Playing coed softball

2.) What did you do on your first date?

Went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then played mini-golf

3.) What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?

He is SUPER absent minded. I can tell him one thing and he will always forget.

4.)What is the best quality about your partner?

He stands up for what is right and is always honest.

5.) Who wears the pants in your relationship?

I think we’re equal. We both have our strengths that outweigh one another but together we even each other out.

6.) Describe the moment when you knew they were the one.

I remember being at his aunts house just hanging out, play fighting and he slipped and went to say “I love you” for the first time and tried to dance around it like he didn’t actually say it, but I knew at that moment I was head over heals in love and said it right back. Then I teased him and told him I knew he loved me.

7.) Tell us about the proposal!

We were at his mother’s house for a party/get together. Out of no where he yells out to everyone to gather together and that he has an announcement to make. Freddy called me over and got down on one knee. I instantly started crying and he told me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me and then proposed, of course I said yes. It was great to have all of our family around. Plus he asked my father ahead of time, which I thought was great.

8.)  How does your wedding reflect your personal style?

It is very family oriented and fun like our families.

9.) Give us 2 or 3 words that best describe your wedding.

Classy, elegant, fun party.

10.) What are your plans for you honeymoon?

I’m not sure. My mother in law is planning our honeymoon and it is going to be a surprise. All I know is that I will need a pass port.

The fabulous team that is pulling this wedding together consists of Harpist Victoria Schultz, Glynn from Sensational Ceremonies, Orlando DJ and Lighting, A Chair Affair, and Puff N Stuff Catering.  A special thanks to Eternal Light Photography for the fabulous photos!! We look forward to seeing you all in May!

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