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Q: Do I need a wedding planner?

A: Absolutely! Hiring a wedding planner is not a luxury but a necessity! You deserve to have someone that will make the calls to your vendors to find out pricing, arrival times, and logistics. Of course, there are brides who choose to plan their wedding and you can! With us, you will just be planning with more expertise, more knowledge, and someone that works specifically to ensure your vision comes to life. You can let go and enjoy your wedding day! 

Q: What do I do first?

A: We got this! We will set you up with a budget sheet, a full list of professional wedding vendor recommendations, and a complete step-by-step timeline of what needs to be accomplished. Plus, we are your resource! You can reach out at any time for advice, guidance, and for someone to walk you through the "what's next" steps! 

Q: Is there a difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

A: We get asked this question a lot and, the truth is, a wedding planner and a venue coordinator are not one-in-the-same regarding the role that they play. While a venue coordinator will be a great asset to you, the venue coordinator is looking out for the venue; your wedding planner is looking out for YOU. The venue coordinator will act as a liaison between you, the bride, and the venue's operations team. Your wedding planner will be the person who is with you every step of the way and is the Point-of-Contact between you and all of the wonderful vendors you have hired. They work exclusively for you! 

Q: Will you be there on my wedding day?

A: Absolutely! You will be assigned a Lead Planner and that will be your contact from Day One! We will also bring an assistant (or two) to ensure that everything is smooth sailing! 

Q: Do I need to tip my vendors?

A: Tipping is not required but it is a nice way to say "Thank You" for going above and beyond. Ask your wedding planner for a quick cheat sheet about tipping your wedding vendors! 

Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Hiring your planner is incredibly important. We want you to pick the right person just as much as you want to hire the right person. You should pick someone with who you are comfortable, someone you trust with your wedding vision and a company with plenty of experience!

We want to help make the planning process stress free and fun! We will go above and beyond to ensure that you can show up and focus on what is important; marrying the love of your life!