why you need a



Your time

How many hours if not days have you spent researching, calling, waiting for pricing and availability from venues...imagine having to do that to 10 other vendors! The time you'll save from not having to do that research is worth it alone for full planning,

Your venue coordinator is not a wedding planner

I want to stress how your venue coordinator is very, very different from a wedding planner. Your venue coordinator is only concerned with one thing- the venue, where as a wedding planner looks out for everything in YOUR best interest. Your venue coordinator usually leaves after the first course is served. Which leads me to...

I'll be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave

If your mom forgets her purse at the church, guess who will go get it? Or go up to your room to get you flats, and help you put them on when your feet are hurting OR make sure that your favors get handed out at the end of the night? You guessed it, your wedding planner.

Little Freebies

There are a bunch of items you'll need on your wedding day that you will never use again, like table numbers, a gift card box. What are you going to do with 25 table numbers? I have them, I want to let you use them, and you save a little $$ for things you are going to use again.

Constant support

Mom driving you crazy? Feel like no one understands how difficult planning a wedding is? You've got us. We're your totally unbiased, third party neutral, wedding planner turned life coach, turned friend. We'll be there for appointments, budgeting, contract negotiations, RSVP tracking, seating arrangements, invitations, formalities, wedding etiquette and more.