Lake Mary Events Center | Catherine & Jason’s Love Story

This lovely couples “Woods & Wine” Wedding will come to life on May 17, 2014 at the beautiful Lake Mary Events Center. This story is to be continued but read below about how it began…

1.)  How did the two of you meet?

We met the summer before our junior year in high school when our friends who were dating at the time set us up on a blind date. They introduced us briefly at Jason’s parent’s house prior to the date. 

2.) What did you do on your first date?

We went to the movies and saw the movie Dodgeball.

3.) What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?

Jason’s Response: Her Driving. Although it has gotten better, I feel at times that I need a brake pedal on the passenger side when I drive with her. (She will probably say that I’m the worlds worst side-seat Driver)

Cathy’s Response: He is a morning person and I am definitely not, so his perkiness in the morning can make me pretty cranky sometimes.

4.)What is the best quality about your partner?

Jason’s Response: That despite her not being a morning person, she wakes up every day for me and makes my lunch before I go to work. Also, she is very supporting of my hunting/fishing habits.

Cathy’s Response: He is always open and trusting of new people he comes across where I am more skeptical, so it is a nice balance between us. Also, he is patient with me when I am overwhelmed from work and school, and will jump in and help with whatever I may need.

5.) Who wears the pants in your relationship?

It depends on the situation – We each have our moments of insisting things go our way, but we are pretty good about compromise and taking the other person’s feelings/needs into consideration

6.) Describe the moment when you knew they were the one.

Jason’s Response: The point I realized this was late in college when I knew that I was happiest when I was around her. The point in which she was all that I ever thought about, and the person who I wanted to always make happy. We lived in two separate cities and I made the decision that I wanted to be close with her and I moved to her came city.

Cathy’s Response: During my final semester in college, Jason got a full time job in Fort Myers, and I was extended an offer in Orlando. We were unsure if we could continue with the distance, so we took some time away from each other again. It was during that time I realized I didn’t have any interest in dating anyone else and truly hoped we would find a way back to each other as we had done many times before. After a few months, Jason decided his job was not working out and moved back to Tampa, where we are both from. We started spending time together again and only 3 months later he moved to Orlando.

7.) Tell us about the proposal!

Each year we have a coaches BBQ where all of the baseball coaches for our school get together and socialize. Jason secretly invited all of my closest friends from back home in Tampa to come surprise me and have them all there as Jason asked for me to marry him. After the proposal we called our families to tell them the news, and that’s when I found out Jason had secretly met my dad for breakfast to ask his permission weeks before. We spent the rest of the night celebrating with our amazing friends who helped to make sure the night was perfect

8.)  How does your wedding reflect your personal style?

Jason is very into hunting, fishing and the outdoors, and I love pretty and romantic décor. I also love wine (the drink AND decorations), so we decided to combine the two for a beautiful, but casual theme. We will have wine themed decorations on our tables, but also some deer antlers and shot gun shells mixed in!

9.) Give us 2 or 3 words that best describe your wedding.

Woods N’ Wine

10.) What are your plans for you honeymoon?

We plan to go to Sandals Beach Resort in Exuma, Bahamas





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