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As we prepare for Abby and Jonathan’s Lake Mary Events Center in January we wanted to take a moment and let you in on their love story!  Keep reading to learn how their love blossomed!

  • How did the two of you meet?
    A. John and I met through mutual friends. The four of us had plans to go bowling – John and I had never met before. My best friend (now maid of honor) and I showed up to find John there alone – his friend never showed up. The three of us had a good time though!
  • Q. What did you do on your first date?
    A. John and I went on our first date in high school. We went to Waterford Lakes and saw The Hills Have Eyes and then grabbed some food after. I didn’t think John liked me because at the end of the night he just stood there so I reached out and gave him a hug!
  • Q. What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?
    A. Her Answer: When John brushes his teeth he gets water all over the countertops. I do not know how he does it!
    His Answer: Abby’s a backseat driver.
  • Q. What is the best quality about your partner
    A. Her Answer: John has always been my best friend and I love spending time with him. He is so caring and has always been so supportive. We met when we were 15 and have gone through a lot of changes but we have grown together and have always been committed to each other and our future. John has a great smile and has brown eyes that still give me butterflies. Plus, he makes me laugh!
    His Answer: Abby’s love for me is something special because I never thought I would find a wonderful girl like her – the one that wants to be constantly by my side everyday with no regrets. Abby’s best qualities are her unconditional love for me and how she can emphasize with others and is so caring and determined.
    Q. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
  • A. Her answer: I do.
    His answer: Me.
    We agree to disagree on this question. 🙂
  • Q. Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!
    A. We would not say there was an “exact” moment but more of a combination of moments over the years. I always remember talking to my friends and family about John and how I thought he was the one – even though I was so young! There is something special about growing up with someone and even throughout all the changes that occur, you come out on the other side together.
  • Q. Tell us about the proposal!!
    A. John and I are huge theme park junkies! We love roller coasters and are frequent visitors to the local theme parks. John was off for the weekend and we had spent the weekend at Universal/IOA and Busch Gardens. After spending the day at the park and riding most of the rides, we finally made our way to the elephant section of the park (Abby’s favorite!)
    Anyone that knows me will tell you how obsessed I am with elephants and John wanted to include them in our special day! After watching the elephants for several minutes, John brought me to secluded section and asked his friend to take a picture of us in front of the elephants. Since his friend was with us, I didn’t expect a thing – it was a total surprise! John’s friend was actually recording the entire thing and after a few “pictures” John was down on one knee with a ring! I was so surprised and the elephants were swinging their trunks in the background.
  • Q. How does your wedding reflect your personal style?
    A. I would say our wedding style is simple yet romantic and elegant. Since John and I are high school sweethearts, I feel there is a little big of magic to that and we are including a sort of fairytale theme to our big day!
  • Q. Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.
    A. Happily Ever After!
  • Q. What are your plans for your honeymoon?
    A. We definitely want to go somewhere tropical and enjoy the beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures! We were thinking Hawaii.


They have got a great team helping them put their day together including Soundwave Entertainment, Lee Forrest Design, Steven Miller Pix, and more!  Stay tuned for their wedding photos coming soon!

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