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Lisa and Alex will be saying their vows in March for their Leu Gardens Wedding.  Read on to to learn more about their love story!

  • Q. How did the two of you meet?
    A. We met at work! Just like Jim and Pam did on the t.v show “The Office” I was the receptionist and we became friends and totally started to prank each other. It was totally obvious that we liked one other from the start.
  • Q. What did you do on your first date?
    A. Our first unofficial date I watched him play a game in his flag football league and then we went out for dinner and drinks at his favorite place… Taco Mac. We flirted with each other the entire night.Our first official date was on my birthday, he totally played it off like he didn’t want to do anything… then he surprised me and He took me to Fleming’s Steak House for a romantic dinner…he had it all planned out!
  • Q. What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?
    A. He hates when the laundry doesn’t get done and it piles up, I hate when he leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor…and we both trip over them
  • Q. What is the best quality about your partner
    A. We are best friends, he keeps me grounded and always stays calm and level headed. AND we both make each other laugh by teasing each other and quoting cheesy lines from movies :-)Alex says that he loves how thoughtful and generous I am when it comes to doing things for others. He says I ALWAYS remember to get the prefect gift or card for his Mom or Grandma, (because he forgets) and that I am always offering to help out friends and loved ones, and that makes him smile.
  • Q. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    A. We both do!! We are both very driven and take charge to get things done. We are also in the process of building our dream house! He has taken the lead on that, so I can focus on the wedding. We make a great team!
  • Q. Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!
    A. I knew he was the one right after we started dating when he asked me to pick him up at the airport from a business trip. I was SO excited to see him I couldn’t get the airport fast enough, I waiting for him at the top of the escalator…and when he saw me he picked me up with ONE arm and spun me around and we kissed (yes, just like in the movies) We had only been apart for a week… but it felt like an eternity, I knew then that I never wanted to ever be away from him.Alex said he knew I was “the one” while we were at work, emailing back and forth…he said I knew every movie quote he referenced, and was shocked at how many things we liked and had in common, and the fact that I made him laugh so much. He said that was it for him, he knew we belonged together 🙂
  • Q. Tell us about the proposal!!
    A. I was TOTALLY surprised, he did a great job of throwing me off the scent. We took a couples trip with our closest friends to San Francisco last Valentine’s Day (which is also the grooms birthday) We had a great Valentine’s night. Then the next day all 8 of us went sightseeing, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, and then we made it all the way to Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. One of our friends found this great spot with the bridge in the back ground and suggested we all take couples pictures there, we went first and right after the picture Alex bends down on one knee… I thought he was tying his shoe!! HE had the ring box hidden in his sock ALL DAY… I burst into tears, all of our friends took video and pictures, the whole park turned and cheered. It was SO PERFECT and special to have all our friends there to share it with. Absolutely amazing.
  • Q. How does your wedding reflect your personal style?
    A. I have always loved they style from the 20’s 30’s and 40’s.. so glamorous and romantic. For the wedding I chose that as my inspiration, lace, satin, pearls.
  • Q. Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.
    A. Vintage Elegance and Glamour
  • Q. What are your plans for your honeymoon?
    A. We are taking off to London! We will spend over a week there, sightseeing, shopping, and we have put together a fun pub crawl just the 2 of us. Then we are going to take the train to Paris for the day, and then jet over to Scotland!


We are so excited to be working with such a fantastic team of vendors: Raining Roses, Weddings Only DJ, Cosmetics by Cara, The Sugar Suite, Cole’s Classic Cars, A Chair Affair, Let’s Dance on It, The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, and Park Plaza Gardens.  Special thanks to Ashley Jane Photography for these wonderful engagement photos!

 Be sure to watch the blog for more photos!

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