Nicole Gerardi-Lukens/ Lead Planner

I can remember the first time I caught the bouquet at my sister’s wedding. I was ten years old, wearing a 1980’s puffy dress and a floral crown. I held onto that bouquet so tight as my other sister tried to pull it right out of my hands and ever since, I was hooked; I was a lover of all things weddings!
Growing up in a large Italian family, my favorite thing to do was cook dinner, set the table up, and make something crafty for the centerpiece (I used to make flowers from coffee filters and you can’t make this stuff up).

Years later, I became a Rosen College of Hospitality Graduate with a Degree is Hospitality Management and met Nicole my counterpart: the other Nicole! I have been organizing, and planning events ever since and, and loving every minute of it.

 I love all things edgy (or rocker chic as I like to call it): fashion, traveling, puppies, a good & strong cup of coffee, and trying new restaurants. To me, this is not a job but a passion and a path I was meant to travel.

Nicole Arlotta-Pepper/Owner

I have been intrigued with weddings ever since planning my own wedding many years ago! It was the excitement of the planning process (and the incredible memories to follow) that inspired me to continue a path into my career as a professional wedding coordinator! 
I received my certification with The Association of Bridal Consultants and have been planning weddings and events ever since! After working alongside some of the best wedding planners in Orlando, I decided it was time to take the next step. After meeting Nicole G., we decided to take this journey together and Nicole Squared Events was born (because two Nicoles are better than one, of course).  

I am a woman with many hats; a mother, a wife, a small business owner and a lover of the hustle. Multi-tasking should be my middle name. Weddings are something I feel I have been destined to do my entire life. I love the friendships I have created with my brides and being the person they trust to ensure their day is as perfect as they always imagined it would be. 

When I have free time (if I have free time) you will always find me at the beach, spending time with my family and dancing like no one is watching; hey what can I say? It’s always a good time for a dance party!

Contact Nicole A. directly at 407-617-6874 or

Kelly Mitchell/Lead Planner

My name is Kelly and I am a true Floridian girl! Yes, I was born and raised here in Orlando, Florida and absolutely love the Sunshine State! If you need to know one thing about me, it is that I love being active. Whether it is chasing around my four kids, going for a long run, or practicing aerial yoga, my other passion (don't hesitate to come take a class with me as I am a part-time instructor)!
My love for planning derives from homeschooling my oldest child. I realized how much I enjoyed the planning process, developing day-to-day lesson plans, planning field trips, and creating parties for my kids.

Working with Nicole Squared Events has opened up my creative side and I absolutely love transforming a Bride & Groom's dream into a reality! I love being a part of the unique experience that is every one of our weddings. As a mom, event planner, and aerialist, I have learned that there is always room for growth and that there is something to be learned in every situation. There is no obstacle that I cannot tackle. I live each day by that mindset and take it with me in every endeavor on which I embark.

Contact Kelly directly at 407-879-8035 or

Danielle / Lead Planner

As long as I can remember, I have always loved weddings. I can still recall the overwhelming excitement that I felt as a flower girl in a family wedding. Being part of that magical moment gave me butterflies:) Just to feel the love & joy that radiates the room on that special day, is enough to leave me wanting more. Even as a child, I had discovered that I had a knack for event planning. I worked on parade design & development for over 8 years, then transitioned to charity galas for the past 10 years. I believe that my keen eye for detail & perfection truly sets me apart as a planner. Nothing warms my heart more, than to take someone's vision & make it a reality...a dream come true. After planning my own sister's wedding I knew that this was my passion, so I joined Nicole Squared Events.

I am so blessed that my journey has led me to Nicole Squared Events. Weddings/Special Events are family affairs & these girls are truly family now! 

Besides event planning, I am also a Realtor, & love all things, interior, you name it. I love being outdoors, especially if it involves being by the water. I am a true Floridian so the beach is my second home & a little piece of heaven.

Vanessa / Lead Planner

My name is Vanessa and to know me is to know that I love an experience! Growing up in a large Puerto Rican family, we are all about the experience of life, love, and joy! My beautiful parents taught me to live my life to the fullest, to love the people around me, and to ALWAYS take joy in what I am doing. Those lessons made me the person I am today. I spend as much time, if I am not working, with the ones that I love experiencing as many adventures as possible. Whether is it traveling or trying something outside of the box, I love the journey. If I really want to start off my day right I'll grab some coffee, play some salsa music, and get my day started on the most positive note that I can.

I will never forget the moment I knew weddings and events was the career I wanted to pursue. I was about 7 or 8 and I was watching the movie Father of the Bride with my family and I got hooked to the excitement, passion, and love that special day brings. Since that moment, I played pretend in my bedroom planning parties for my stuffed animals or neighborhood friends. My first real experience planning was when my sister got married. From the venue selection to the bouquet toss, every moment was important to me because it was important for her.


After that I started my hospitality career, it was around 15 years ago. I received my wedding planner’s certification through The Bridal Society in 2013. Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing couples and corporate clients planning everything from intimate parties, corporate events, to that special day making their visions and dreams come to life. There is NOTHING better than seeing the smiles and excitement on my client's face and knowing I made it happen! 

Brianna / Planner

My name is Brianna and I am 24 years old and have been dreaming about weddings for as long as I can remember. When I was a flower girl in my uncle’s wedding, I was terrible. I dumped the entire basket of flower petals on the ground the minute I walked out, ran to my uncle and held his leg – for the ENTIRE ceremony!

Nonetheless, I am positive this is where my love for weddings started. Throughout the years I have planned my own wedding over and over again until one day I got the courage to go for my dream; to help others plan their wedding day!

I received my certification to become a Wedding and Event Planner at Miami Dade College in 2013. David Tutera is a huge inspiration of mine! I love his over the top, always flawless, perfectly executed weddings!

Although I found it a bit difficult to pursue this dream in Miami, I am lucky enough to have found my place with Nicole Squared Events here in Orlando, Florida. I absolutely love being a part of a couple’s big day and witnessing all the love they have to share. The hard work and effort put in by the planner is ALWAYS worth it and I love learning from every new situation, idea or concept I am given!

On my days off you can find me at Disney World, hanging out at home or exploring a new city! Oh! Also, puppies and sloths are my favorite!

Meet the Wedding Planner


On this page you can meet each individual wedding planner  of our talented Central Florida Team.  These Orlando wedding planners are what makes Nicole Squared Events so spectacular!  Leave a comment for your favorite Orlando wedding planner today!

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