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Joanna & B.J.’s Love Story is on the blog and we cannot wait to see these two lovebirds say “I DO” at St. James Cathedral. Stay tuned for their wedding day on October 28, 2017 at The Rosen Plaza Hotel! Get to know our couple and how they fell in love and how she said “YES” to her soon-to-be hubby! 

How did the two of you meet?

We met on the first day of 11th grade in English class. BJ would say that I purposely chose to sit right in front of him but that is so not true! We also both played on our high school basketball teams so we became really close though that.

What did you do on your first date?

We went to the movies! We went to see Alvin and the chipmunks… I think it was the Squeakwel!

What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?

UGH it drives me crazy when he tries to tell me how to drive. Every time I drive him somewhere he tells me when to go, when to speed up, which direction to go…. it drives me nuts. LOL

What is the best quality about your partner

His personality definitely! He is so loving, kind, and a huge goofball. We are always laughing when we are together.

Who wears the pants in your relationship?

HAHA that is a tough one. I would say we each own a leg. We are very good at compromising and making decisions together.

Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!

From the beginning I knew he was special. I knew that we were perfect for each other. But I think the real moment that I knew this was real was during our freshman year in college. We were 7 hours apart because I went to school in GA and he went to school in NC. We left high school unsure if we would be able to handle the long distance. But it actually brought us closer. Every night, no matter how busy we were, we would call each other even if it was just to say good night. After we made it though our freshman year of long distance we knew we could get through anything! Now we are 7 years into our relationship and high school sweethearts. 🙂

Tell us about the proposal!!

We went on a cruise to celebrate our college graduations and our 6 year Anniversary. The 2nd night of the cruise is the captain’s dinner where we get to dress up and meet the captain. All throughout the cruise BJ had to keep “going to the restroom” but he was actually meeting with the waiter to plan the engagement. The night of the captain’s dinner we were at dinner and I was super excited because they were offering chocolate souffle for dessert. The waiter brought champagne to our table and I thought it was just a free bottle that they were giving us because of the captains dinner. Then he brought over my souffle and put it in front of me. As soon as I looked at it, he picked it up again and took it back. Of course, I gave him a dirty look because I wanted my dessert. Then he placed another plate in front of me with the ring on it and rose petals. BJ got down on one knee and he proposed! I was in so much shock that I literally didn’t hear anything he said but I’m pretty sure I said yes! haha Everyone around us was clapping and then we went and took photos with the professional photographers. I ended up not even wanting my souffle. My ring was so much better! 🙂

How does your wedding reflect your personal style?

I am not sure if I have a specific style. I would say its more modern and our wedding will reflect that through the flowers, attire, and music. Our wedding will be a big party!

Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.

Love, Fun, and Happiness.

What are your plans for your honeymoon?

We haven’t made any plans yet but I really want to go somewhere tropical. We really like the over the water bungalows so maybe Bora Bora?

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