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While Lauren and Chris are busy planning their wedding at The Acre in Orlando we wanted to take a few minutes to let you in on the story that is their love.  With a great team in place we cannot wait to see this wedding at The Acre come together!

  • Q. How did the two of you meet?
    A. We met on a online dating site! We both have had not-too-memorable experiences, yet decided to give it one last chance. He messaged me with a witty response to my profile, I thought he was funny and cute and immediately messaged back. We began chatting quite regularly the rest of the week!
  • Q. What did you do on your first date?
    A. He had big plans to take me out to an arts festival, because I am an art teacher, and to dinner at a cool 1920’s themed restaurant (Cirro’s Speakeasy in Tampa). He travels a lot for work and the flight from Portland, OR had troubles which led to being delayed by 6 hours at his connection in Denver. He didn’t get home until very late, but the next morning he drove straight to my house to explore Lakeland (not exciting, but we made it fun) in lieu of our botched first date. We adventured around a lake, fed swans, looked at old buildings, and had lunch. He then came back over the next day, and the next day, and the day after that…mind you he lived an hour and a half away! 🙂
  • Q. What one thing does he/she do that drives you crazy?
    A. He does this weird “HEEELllllloooo” when people greet us out in public. It’s like a mix between an old man, and a TV show host. You’ll just have to hear it… and you will!
    A.  She has an uncanny ability to ask for things not altogether, but one-by-one after each individual task is completed. I fall for it every time! Three is my limit until I am forced to ask: “before I do this, is there anything, I mean ANYTHING, else that needs to get done????” The answer is almost always “no”, yet another task awaits 9 times out of 10!!!
  • Q. What is the best quality about your partner
    A. He is beyond kind, he wants nothing more than to do for others, and make sure they have what they need. He is very loving, and thoughtful.
    A.  She is extremely caring and considerate towards others. There’s a very motherly aspect about her.
  • Q. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    A. It depends, but definitely me most of the time. He’s quite happy with that arrangement.
  • Q. Describe the moment that you knew he/she was The One!
    A. I think we both knew pretty quickly. After our first date, we both made phone calls to our friends and said “I’ve found ‘the one!” We waited until he came back from a business trip to profess our love to one another, though. Believe me, that was a difficult week on the phone knowing what the weekend was going to bring! 🙂
  • Q. Tell us about the proposal!!
    A. This is where our story truly becomes a comedy of errors! We planned to go for a long weekend in Tampa/St. Pete for the fourth of July last year. We had already decided on an engagement ring (trust me, it is better that I picked it out!) and as far as I knew, it was still at the jewelers on that weekend.
    A.  The day we left, our cat, Tree, was getting sick and as a very concerned mom, I was starting to second guess our trip. By the time Chris came home from work, I had convinced myself that our dear Tree needed us and perhaps we cancel. Chris comforted me and assured me that he would be fine; we promptly packed up the car and headed out for a weekend in the sun.Well, the closer we got to our destination, the more the rain came down. Right about the time we arrived in St. Pete, I was in a near panic over the condition we left Tree in. I mean, what kind of a mother am I, leaving my ailing baby at home while we gallivanted around the city?! Chris was undaunted (as we know now for good reason) and made a B-line for the check-in counter. There was a mistake with the reservation, though, and they didn’t have us checking in until the day after! We decided to have dinner to plan our next course of action, but were interrupted in our scheming by the hotel saying that they had a last minute cancellation. This place is the oldest running hotel in St. Pete and it was awesome! That night we got Tree some TLC via my brother (Jeremy) for the remainder of our stay and relaxed after such a harrowing afternoon.In the morning, we headed out for a day of shopping and exploring. By dinner, I was starting to think about our little patient waiting for us at home. Chris worked hard on getting a reservation to the place we were slighted from prior, Cirro’s Speakeasy, so the least we could do is have dinner… and maybe one or two of their well known gin drinks. ;)As the drinks kept coming, I kept worrying more and more. “Is Tree alright?” “I wonder what he thinks of us?” and then the question that changed the entire evening: “Can we go see my ring tomorrow???”I knew seeing it would make me feel better about leaving our precious-dear-baby cat to die. Little did I know that Chris had no plan of action for his proposal… nor the fact that he’d already bought the ring and had been carrying it in his pocket for nearly a week, waiting for the right time to ask. As you could imagine, he was now stuck. “It’s now or never!” he would later tell me went through his head the moment I stated that seeing the ring would be the only way I’d feel better about Tree. Right then and there, he got down on one knee, reached in his pocket and stated “why wait until tomorrow?”

    I couldn’t believe it! It was really happening! Naturally I said yes!!!

    … and Tree was absolutely fine. 🙂

  • Q. How does your wedding reflect your personal style?
    A. Chris and I love the dreamy world of modern meets vintage aesthetic. As an art teacher I dreamt of a world colored in mustard yellow and dark plum, with splashes of gray tones. Specialty flowers add to that unique touch, where the guests are left saying, “I’ve never seen this before.” We wanted every aspect from the music, to the ceremony to incorporate our families which are very important to us. We wanted the venue to be a relaxed environment that had hints of the past and future, so everyone felt like they had a part in bringing the two of us together.
  • Q. Tell us 2 or 3 words that sum up your wedding.
    A. Eclectic, togetherness and inspiring
  • Q. What are your plans for your honeymoon?

The team working hard to make sure this wedding goes off without a hitch consists of; DJ Live Productions, A Lovely Ceremony, Eric Sutton Photography, Vintage Chic, Cloud9 Floral, and Puff N Stuff Catering. If you are considering having your wedding at The Acre don’t forget to contact Nicole Squared Events to find out how we can help make your day a stress free success!

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