Why hire a Wedding Planner?

Hiring a wedding coordinator will help avoid a wedding disaster! There are many reasons why hiring a planner is no longer a luxury but a necessity~

Not enough hours in the day~

In today’s reality a couple is faced with not only planning a wedding but coordinating one with other responsibilities such as work, school, children, etc. Who has the time to create timelines, to research vendors, make appointments, negotiate contracts, finalize decisions, budget those decisions and make them come to life. Wedding planners are there to guide and assist you in making informed decisions that will help you sleep at night.

Avoid being a Bridezilla~

Coordinating your own wedding may be the most stressful thing you ever do. Bringing this vision to life is better left to a professional. Lucky for you a wedding planner can also act as your best friend and family counselor. There is no reason to add wrinkles to that beautiful face when you can count on someone else to take care of all the details and face all of the wedding drama. Hiring a wedding planner will let you relax and enjoy stress-free moments with family and friends.

Money Savers~

The last thing you want to do is clear out your bank account and run up credit card debt just to pay for this amazing day. YES! Weddings are not cheap but hiring a wedding planner will help you figure out your budget. Even a million dollar wedding has a budget. It will be a great comfort for you to know where you stand financially. A wedding planner will find vendors that will fit your budget and offer discounts that you may not receive going to these vendors alone. A planner is the most cost-effective choice a bride can make.

Bringing the vision to life~

Trust is the most important factor when hiring a wedding planner. Your personalities should match and you should feel completely comfortable with them. When you have dreamt of this day since you were a little girl you should expect that the planner can bring all of your dreams to reality. A wedding planner should be able to see the whole picture and create elements and details that make this event the most memorable for you and your guests.

Wedding Etiquette~

Do the bridesmaids stand to the left or the right? When should you do the champagne toast? Who is responsible to clean up the event at the end? With all of the planning and executing do you really have the time to research wedding etiquette as well. There are so many factors that go into this day. Having a “go-to” person would eliminate all of these questions.

In the end there is one purpose. The couple should live in the moment, enjoy every aspect of this spiritual occasion. There is no reason for your inner bridezilla to arise when you can hire someone to make your wedding dreams come true!

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